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Atlanta Hawks sold to billionaire Antony Ressler

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A group headed by billionaire Antony Ressler has agreed to Dt5FW6a9x purchase the NBA's Atlanta Hawks.


The team announced the deal Wednesday night during the first half basketball jerseys cheap of the Hawks' Eastern Conference playoff game against the Brooklyn Nets.


The sale price was not released. But a person familiar with the deal, speaking to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because the two sides did not reveal that information, said Ressler's group would pay $850 million US, including debt the team owes.


Former NBA star Grant Hill and Spanx founder Sara Blakely are part of the new ownership group. The deal was first reported by the Atlanta Journal Constitution.


The Hawks went on the market after discovering an inflammatory email written by co owner Bruce Levenson in 2012, complaining about the racial makeup of the team's fans. On the heels of Donald Sterling's forced ouster as owner of the Los Angeles Clippers under similar circumstances, nfl youth jerseys Levenson announced he would sell his share of the Hawks.


The deal still must be approved by three fourths of the NBA's other 29 owners. That should not be a problem, given that Ressler is a minority owner of baseball's Milwaukee Brewers and is familiar to the NBA for his attempts to buy the Los Angeles Clippers last year.


"We are honored and thrilled to have been chosen to become the new stewards of the Hawks," Ressler said in a statement issued by the team. "We respect the NBA's approval process and, accordingly, can say no more other than we are incredibly excited by the Hawks' success and wish them luck in the playoffs."


Ressler was not at Philips Arena for Game 2 of the playoffs. The Hawks won the series opener 99 92.


In September, Levenson announced he was selling his stake in the team after writing a racially charged email two years earlier in which he complained that the Hawks struggled with attendance because "the black crowd scared away the whites."


Levenson's email was uncovered during the team's internal investigation of general manager Danny Ferry, who made racially derogatory comments about potential free agent signee Luol Deng during a conference call with the ownership group. Ferry went on indefinite leave shortly afterward and hasn't been with the Hawks all season, his future expected to be decided by the new owner.


Levenson and his Washington partner, Ed Peskowitz, initially agreed to sell their 50.1 percent stake in the team. In January, the entire ownership group announced plans to sell the Hawks and operating rights to Philips Arena, the 16 year old home of the team, though Atlanta based Michael Gearon Jr. could retain a minority share.


"We are excited to welcome this new ownership group and are deeply gratified by its commitment to the Hawks and the Atlanta community," said Steve Koonin, the Hawks' chief executive officer. "We are pleased that the group is committed to continue building on the franchise's storied history and recent success."


Hottest photos of October Russell wife of NFL great Tony Gonzalez in 2015

Tony Gonzalez was one of the best tight ends in NFL history. After a great college career at Cal, Tony Gonzalez played 16 years in the NFL. He retired after the 2013 season with 1,325 catches good for 15,127 yards and 111 TDs. He has the second most catches in NFL history, the 5th most receiving yards and the 6th most TD catches of all players and he is first among tight ends in all three categories.

Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for NCLR


These days Tony Gonzalez works as a studio analyst on "The NFL Today" show for CBS Sports. He is married to a beautiful woman who also works Dt5FW6a9x in TV. To show you how pretty she is, here is a slideshow of the hottest photos of nhl jerseys October Russell who is married to Tony Gonzalez. Hope you like the photos in the slideshow.


October Russell Gonzalez, her nickname cheap mlb hats is Tobie, got married to Tony Gonzalez in July of 2007. Tobie and Tony have two kids together, daughter Malia and son River. Tony Gonzlaez also has a son named Nikko from a previous relationship with TV anchor, actress and cheap world cup jerseys media personality Lauren Sanchez. Lauren and Tobie look a bit alike, you can see just how much in the slideshow which includes a few photos of Lauren Sanchez.


Hope you enjoy the hottest photos of Tobie Gonzalez in the slideshow. Watch for Tobie on her TV shows and at public events she attends with husband Tony Gonzalez. The couple do a lot of charity work together. Also watch for Tobie at the Pro Football Hall of Fame when Tony Gonzlaez gets inducted as soon as he is eligible.


next year's London game is a chance to cheer on his adopted team at

CINCINNATI The Bengals are headed across the pond in 2016, scheduled to play a game against the Washington Redskins next October Dt5FW6a9x in London at Wembley Stadium.

Though we in Cincinnati may see the upcoming game as an international road trip, for Tim Knowles it a chance to see his favorite team play a game at "home."


Knowles, 38, is a British Bengals superfan. While he works at a compliance business for construction safety, he shows his true stripes as a co host on the podcast "Tim and Tom NFL" with fellow Brit (and New York Giants fan) Tom New.


Tim Knowles, left, and Tom New, the hosts of the British NFL podcast "Tim and Tom NFL," outside of Wembley Stadium in London. Photo provided by Tim Knowles.


But how did a guy living in Kislingbury, a small village just outside Northampton, England, end up becoming an NFL fan, let alone one rooting for the Bengals?


Become a WCPO Insider to learn more about the Bengals British superfan and get some tips on how to get the most out of a trip to London.


CINCINNATI The Bengals are headed across the pond in 2016, scheduled to play a game against the Washington Redskins next October in London at Wembley Stadium.


Though we in Cincinnati may see the upcoming game as an international road trip, for nfl jerseys china Tim Knowles it a chance to see his favorite team play a game at "home."


Knowles, 38, is a British Bengals superfan. While he works at a compliance business for construction safety, he shows his true stripes as a co host on the podcast "Tim and Tom NFL" with fellow Brit (and New York Giants fan) Tom New.


Tim Knowles, left, and Tom New, the hosts of the British NFL podcast "Tim and Tom NFL," outside of Wembley Stadium in London. Photo provided by Tim Knowles.


But how did a guy living in nhl jerseys Kislingbury, a small village just outside Northampton, England, end up becoming an NFL fan, let alone one rooting for the Bengals?


spent my youth watching the limited coverage on terrestrial TV in the 80s, Knowles said. 9 years old, just about worked out the rules and, from that moment, always loved it. games weren broadcast, American football became popular in Britain in the 1980s, said Knowles, and he dove right in. He even covered a school notebook with NFL stickers and played video games.


Knowles met his now wife, Loveland native Laura Spitzmueller, in 2006 on an online dating site. The couple talked by phone and video, and Laura twice flew to the United Kingdom. Over the following year, they fell in love.


For Knowles, love was about to strike twice.


went out to Cincinnati in September 2007, he said. spending a day or so in Mariemont, where Laura lived at the time, and knowing the Bengals were playing that weekend, you could immediately see what it meant to be in an NFL franchise city.


"It was everywhere. Simple trips to the supermarket were dominated by orange and black merchandise everywhere. said that when he caught the Who Dey fever.


realized I could have a home here, he said. could become a legitimate fan of a legitimate hometown team. only could he honor his then girlfriend (but now wife) hometown team, he could nfl jerseys china also be a unique fan in Britain.


didn need the Patriots because they had England in their name. I didn have to jump on the Dolphins bandwagon because it was near Disney," he said. "I could rid myself of the clich at home and had no reason to think the 49ers were great because of Jerry (Rice) or Joe (Montana).


that what I decided within a heartbeat. This was finally team. I quite a supporter when I have a passion, so I went knee deep on Day One. I think I returned from my first trip with at least one jersey, one Bengals hoodie and a cap. And the merchandise has been flowing ever since. that point on, Knowles became a fanatic.


family is pretty much covered in Bengals gear now, he said, every single trip back I been to Cincinnati around 13 times now I bring home more hometown wares. We got a Bengals ornament for the Christmas tree, as well as my four jerseys, countless hoodies, T shirts, training camp stuff and all the mini stuff for the kids. Photo provided by Tim Knowles


Knowles catches Bengals games live on the British Sky network, though for late games he turns off his social media and watches recorded games the next day.


He dishes out his Bengals and NFL fandom on his podcast with his friend, Tom.


started it just over a year ago over a bottle of wine and a pizza at Tom house. We had a phone to record our voices and that was it. Nothing more. We sat and talked about the basics," Knowles said. "He a big Giants fan, we always watch the Super Bowl together and we both like talking rubbish so it a perfect fit. has also been to four NFL games, including a 2010 Monday Night Football Bengals game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. His wife cousin surprised him with a transatlantic plane ticket and a ticket to the game.


almost cried, he said.


He has a favorite player in defensive end Carlos Dunlap.


6 so I have zero clue as to how that man has such agility, pace and strength at his size. It frightening," he said.


And unlike many native Cincinnati fans, Knowles has a healthy view of the ups and downs that can come with being a Bengals fan.


He conceded that the team can give fans plenty of "tension and anguish," but he said that growing up as a supporter of a low ranked professional soccer team, he grew up just appreciating sports and the players rather than obsessing over wins and losses.


USA TODAY Education


It's not a word that jumps to mind when cheap retro nba jerseys the topic is Tyco. Under Dennis Kozlowski, its former chairman and CEO, Tyco became a symbol of corporate greed. Kozlowski's $6,000 gold laced shower curtain, which hung in his corporate apartment, was a reminder of the excess.


Kozlowski, now on trial on charges of looting the company of more than $600 million, quit under pressure in June 2002. The next month, Ed Breen, then No. 2 at Motorola, was hired to succeed him.


It wasn't a soft landing. At the time, Tyco faced an epic liquidity crunch. It was on the hook to lenders for $11 billion due within seven months but had no way to pay. Rumors swirled of an impending bankruptcy. The stock price was tanking. And that was just his first day.


Two and a half years later, a lot has changed. "Tyco today is a normal company to run," Breen says. "If that's the right word."


Tyco's transformation, in many ways, is as shocking as that $6,000 shower curtain. In 30 months, Breen has managed to turn one of the nation's most notorious and mistrusted companies into a respected member of the business establishment without resorting to such financial tricks as reverse stock splits or back to back acquisitions to hoist the stock price. He also didn't dive for cover in the bankruptcy courts. People who have known Breen a long time say they aren't surprised.


"Ed was a damn near perfect fit for Tyco," says John Malone, chairman of Liberty Media.


Malone and Breen met in the 1980s. Breen was with General Instrument, the cable TV set top box maker now owned by Motorola. Malone was chairman of Tele Communications Inc., the cable TV operator. TCI, which was later acquired by AT was a top customer.


TCI was a big investor in GI, affording Malone a unique vantage point to watch Breen in action. What he saw, says Malone, was an executive with a gift for the subtleties of both business and people.


Breen, he points out, has broad experience in electronics and manufacturing two key areas of business for Tyco. He's also brutally honest with his investors and business partners. That's no small thing, Malone says, especially considering Tyco's tarnished reputation in the aftermath of Kozlowski.


"Eddie says it the way it is," Malone notes.


One of Breen's biggest contributions to Tyco, arguably, is fiscal prudence. Whereas Kozlowski lived large on a big budget, Breen's style leans toward sober and judicious. The plush Park Avenue headquarters is gone. So is the liquidity crisis. So are the million dollar birthday bashes, the eight digit bonuses for senior executives and the acquisition binge that pushed Tyco's debt load to the breaking point.


Gone, too, is the acquisition machine that once constituted Tyco's heartbeat. (Under Kozlowski, Tyco did more than 400 deals in five years.) So is the board that cheered Kozlowski along.


Changes for better


One measure of Tyco's renewed vigor is its cash flow. In 2002 when it was hanging on, Tyco had $28 billion in debt and anemic cash flow: just $779 million. That wasn't enough to fund operations, much less pay off Tyco's soon to be due Dt5FW6a9x $11 billion IOU note to lenders.


By the first anniversary of Breen's arrival, Tyco's cash flow had more than quadrupled, to $3.4 billion. In 2004, cash flow exceeded $5.4 billion. Current total debt: around $16 billion.


The stock price, meantime, has surged. At $35.25, it's still a long way from the mid $60s price it commanded under Kozlowski. But it's still a run up of more than 300% from the $8 that Tyco's shares traded for just before Breen walked in the door.


How'd he do it? Methodically, Breen says.


"It's like a boxing match," he says. "There are a thousand jabs, but no knockout blow. You just have to grudge it out every single day."


One of Breen's boldest moves came within 30 days of being hired: He fired the board that had presided over Tyco's fall under Kozlowski. It was an audacious step, especially considering that that same board had just hired him.


He also replaced more than 90% of his senior staff, including Mark Swartz, the chief financial officer. Swartz would later be charged with looting Tyco along with Kozlowski. (He's now being retried simultaneously with Kozlowski.)


Jim Andrew of Adventis, a Boston based consultancy, credits Breen with moving quickly and decisively to shake off the taint of the Kozlowski era.


"You can't do much better," Andrew says. "Breen's done a wonderful job, no question."


Breen's pragmatic approach to business has been a lifetime in the making. He joined General Instrument in 1978 right out of college, and rose fast. By age 32, he was running GI's worldwide sales. In 1996, at age 40, he became CEO.


As CEO, Breen found himself doing business with such media stars as John Malone and buy out artists such as Teddy Forstmann of Forstmann Little. Breen counts both men as role models.


In 1999, Breen, with a behind the scenes assist from Malone, sold GI to Motorola for $11 billion. The deal, which closed in 2000, made Breen a multimillionaire. Breen agreed to join Motorola to help with the integration. He wound up staying, and in 2002, cheap nfl authentic jerseys he became president wholesale jerseys free shipping and chief operating officer under CEO Chris Galvin.


By then, Motorola was struggling amid a sharp downturn in the technology sector. Motorola's stock was crashing. Breen had ideas for making big moves.


At one memorable board meeting, Breen told startled directors that he thought the company should slash its worldwide payroll by 60,000. Motorola had only 150,000 employees. After much debate, Motorola took his advice.


By early 2002, with Motorola's fortunes sliding, rumors were flying that Breen would soon succeed Galvin as CEO. Galvin, who was about the same age as Breen, didn't want to step aside.


Reports out say Boston deal is close

Shaquille O'Neal and Boston Celtics talk

Shaquille O could be trading in his Cleveland Cavalier Jersey to don a Boston Celtics shirt. Citing sources the Associated Dt5FW6a9x Press reports the thirty baseball jerseys for sale eight year cheap jerseys online old is getting closer to a deal with the Boston Celtics and word of that has wholesale jerseys china Shaq trending in the top five in Wowd Sports. Monday on the Kimmel Live Show O'Neal reportedly made references to playing in Beantown, "Celtics would be a good program," he told Kimmel.


Most recently O played for the Cleveland Cavaliers, he also did a successful stint with the Los Angeles Lakers where he earned thee NBA titles, his fourth came from his days with the Miami Heat. After graduating from Boston University, she began her television career, reporting and producing, for international, national, and local news organizations in New York, Rhode Island, and Boston.


It's a Sell

The first Nighthawks game appears to be a sell out, many sales spurred by Monday's announcement that grammy award winner, Nelly, will perform at half time.

While fans can no longer purchase tickets for Friday at the stadium, a limited number of single game tickets will still be made available daily through Ticketmaster.


More than 10,000 season tickets have sold, said Brian Melekin, Director of Team Business for the UFL. "But we're going to keep pushing season ticket sales right up until the opening game," he said.


The team's temporary field at Rosenblatt Stadium is coming along, with thicker grass in the infield area now and painted white lines. The goal posts go up Tuesday. Paint and advertisements will go up next.


Terence LaPoint of Bellevue watched crews transforming the field, as he and a dozen others met at Rosenblatt Monday for the first volunteer meeting. "Get there on the field," he said with a grin, "My Dt5FW6a9x wife is jealous."


The self confessed football fanatic cannot wait to see the Nighthawks play. "Oh, I'm very excited. I'm so glad they got a pro team here, I've been waiting for years for that to happen."


Melekin said the UFL is really about making professional football available to smaller cities, making it affordable and accessible. "Omaha, in particular is a market that's shown there is a hunger for football."


He expects to see the nearly 24 thousand seat capacity stadium filled on opening night.


But that's the way the Omaha Beef started out, too, more than a decade wholesale nba jerseys ago. Now, owner Jeff Sprowls says they're averaging about 4,000 fans a game, less than half the Omaha Civic Auditorium's seating capacity for arena football.


The Beef's goal is to get to an average of cheap sports jerseys 6,500 fans in the coming season. He expects the addition of the UFL to Omaha will do nothing wholesale sports jerseys but help both recruitment and support for local football.


School Library Media Specialist Salary

Library nfl jersey sizes media specialist is how most K 12 schools now describe what used to be called the school librarian The library media specialist's role is to help students and faculty meet their information needs. They collaborate with teachers to evaluate how the curriculum and class assignments will translate into the technology and resources needed. It is a dynamic and rewarding career choice for wholesale best jerseys many information professionals. Many enter this profession because of a passion for learning, but there is still one important, nonacademic question: How much money will I make?

Before accepting any new job, it's important to understand the cost of living in that city or town. Will your Dt5FW6a9x salary cheap basketball jersey be enough to maintain your desired lifestyle? If not, it is worth exploring positions elsewhere. In addition, consider the true costs of commuting both time and money either via public transportation or by car, which includes wear and tear on your vehicle. PayScale notes, for example, that the average commute for school library media specialists in Middletown, New Jersey, is 25 minutes each way.


Mariners Are Still Riding High

Last Saturday, under Coach Pudgie Walsh's careful majestic baseball jerseys tutelage, Brooklyn's semiprofessional but fully dedicated football team, the Mariners, won their first playoff game this season, against the Long Island Seahawks, 17 0.

The team will play Capital Thunder of Albany, a member cheap soccer jerseys of the Empire League, on Saturday, a quarterfinal game of the Eastern Division Championship and a qualifying stop on the way to the semipro super bowl in Racine, Wis., at a date to be set in late November.


''Last week, we controlled the ballgame very well,'' Mr. Walsh said in an interview on Thursday. ''We shut them down completely. We did, basically, what we had to do.''


The team had no injuries. (''Well, the guys are a little sore naturally,'' Mr. Walsh said.) So the possibility of frosty football looks Dt5FW6a9x good for this collection of cheap youth jerseys men, who when not in their sports jerseys are teachers, telephone repairmen, salesmen, firefighters, police officers and contractors.


College basketball cheerleaders with hottest bodies in 2015 season 20 Photos

With the NCAA Tournament nearly upon us, here is a slideshow of 20 photos of the college basketball cheerleaders with the hottest bodies in the 2015 season. Nearly all photos are from this season so you can watch for these hot bodied cheerleaders for the rest of this season.

Photo by William Mancebo/Getty Images


Most wholesale nfl jerseys of these teams will be in the NCAA Tournament, so Dt5FW6a9x you can see most of the hot bodied cheerleaders from the photos during the tournament. Hope you enjoy the photos of the wholesale nba jerseys college basketball cheerleaders with the hottest bodies in 2015.


Cheerleaders with hottest bodies in college basketball in 2015 season (20 Photos) has already done more than enough to be very high seed cheap soccer jerseys in the 2015 NCAA Tournament. will be another high seed in the 2015 NCAA Tournament. could very well enter the tournament with an undefeated record which makes their hot bodied cheerleaders smile.


Phoenix to wear 'Los Suns' jerseys

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The Phoenix Dt5FW6a9x Suns will wear "Los Suns" on their jerseys Wednesday for Game 2 of the Western Conference semifinals.


Owner Robert Sarver says it's "to honour our Latino community and the diversity of our league, the state of Arizona, and our nation."


The decision to wear the jerseys on the cheap sports jerseys Cinco de Mayo holiday stems from a law passed by the Arizona legislature and signed by Gov. Jan Brewer that has drawn widespread criticism.


Latino organizations and civil rights groups have said the law could lead to racial profiling of Hispanics.


In a statement, Sarver said the frustration with the federal government's failure to deal with cheap sports jerseys the illegal immigration issue led to the passage of what he cheap jerseys called "a flawed state law."